Sylvie Clarke & Jennifer York

Our Story

Mother and daughter team Sylvie and Jennifer have dreamed of being in business together since Jennifer was fifteen years old. Both passionate about early-learning and caring for children, when Jennifer started a family of her own it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make their dream become reality and together they opened Cream of the Crop.

Sylvie and Jennifer believe that the greatest child development that can be achieved outside of the home is through consistent, trustworthy bonds with quality educators. Recruiting great teachers ensures that Cream of the Crop students will always have the best of the best and in return, teachers can expect fair wages, benefits, and support for their own continued learning.

Supporting staff so they can do what they do best, care for and educate children, has been their approach from the beginning and they actively strive to make every day a good day for the kids as well as the teachers. Their vision for Cream of the Crop was to be a “one stop shop” for parents: a place where children engage in play-based, child-led learning and have their pre-school and daycare in one place, as well as extra services that make life simple. A weekly music lesson, camera access for parents, and early drop off times are just some of the details that Jennifer appreciated as a parent herself and that mom and daughter wanted to make available to Chilliwack families.

More than a daycare centre, they want parents and children to feel like they are a part of our extended Cream of the Crop family and for children to grow and learn in a centre as unique as they are.