Cream of the Crop Childcare | Our Story
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Our Story

Sylvie Clarke & Jennifer York

Mother and daughter team Sylvie and Jennifer have dreamed of being in business together since Jennifer was fifteen years old. Both passionate about early-learning and caring for children, when Jennifer started a family of her own it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make their dream become reality.

Sylvie and Jennifer believe that the greatest child development that can be achieved outside of the home is through consistent, trustworthy bonds with quality educators. Reducing staff turnover by attracting and retaining great teachers ensures that Cream of the Crop students will always have the best of the best and in return, teachers can expect fair wages, benefits, and support for their own continued learning.

Sylvie has over forty years experience working with children through parent participation in pre-schools, cub scouts, girl guides, as a humane educator with the BC SPCA, and five years as an Early Childhood Educator Assistant in various daycares. She has been running Cream of the Crop with a 5-year full Early Childhood Educator License for nearly two years. When asked what is her favourite part of working with children, Sylvie says “ I love their honesty and their creativity and how they are not bogged down by pre-conceived notions. Everything is wide open and fresh. And the joy. That pure joy because they really enjoy life. I just love that!”.

Jennifer has been a leader in business management for eight years. Maximizing a positive impact on communities and empowering her staff to grow and learn is what she is passionate about. Additionally, with a music degree from the University of British Columbia she has enjoyed teaching children music both privately and in pre-schools and is looking forward to sharing a full music programme with the children at Cream of the Crop. When asked why she chose to go into childcare, Jennifer Says “Because I love contributing to the community I live in, and I care deeply about child education. For my own kids, I wanted the best teachers and education but also somewhere that I could check on them whenever I wanted. Now, I want to share it.” Jennifer holds her Early Childhood Education Assistant’s License having excelled in Guiding and Caring Behaviour.