Cream of the Crop Childcare | Our Facility
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Our Learning Facility

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Facility Safety Features


  • Locked facility at all times
  • Monthly firedrills and earthquake drills with the children
  • All fire extinguishers kept up to date & our facility is up to current firecode
  • All child accessible faucets are temperature controlled
  • Outdoor gates kept locked at all times
  • Sharp corners have been safe guarded
  • 72hour emergency preparedness kit kept on site and up to date
  • All staff have first aid & CPR level C
  • All first-aid kits kept stocked and are taken with us every outing

 Click here for our Pandemic Policy

Comfort Features


  • Tons of natural light throughout
  • Air conditioned
  • Boot Dryers
  • Shades on windows for a darkened nap area, sleeping music played during quiet time
  • Fridge dedicated to lunch kits and water bottles (no more ice packs!)
  • Microwave available for lunch heat-ups (send left overs or soup)
  • Cozy reading area (afterschool & 3-5yr room)
  • Sensory Bins & self-serve art area

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